Fitting Bathroom Cabinet in Warrington

Client Requirements

We had a client who called us to perform a bathroom cabinet fitting in Warrington. Over the phone, we discussed the procedure in detail and discovered that the service required not only installation but also assembly of the cabinet itself. After we gathered the needed information we scheduled an appointment on an appropriate date & time for the technicians & our client.


Such jobs are not very complicated to take care of, however, they still require experience and craftsmanship. Especially if you seek perfect results, just like our client. This is why they choose to rely on our expertise. The preparation for the job was not difficult at all.

Our team has great previous experience with similar jobs which helped us easily figure out what equipment will be needed, along with two technicians and the professionalism that we always carry with us.

Getting The Job Done

On the day of the appointment, our local bathroom fitters in Warrington arrived on time to assemble and install the cabinet. First things first, our team began with the assembly of the cabinet. After the quick assembly, they had to carefully plan the installation and ensure that it entirely meets the client’s requirements. Once our team was sure that they clearly understood our clients’ vision, they proceeded to fit the cabinet on the tile wall.

In about 1 hour the local bathroom fitting experts in Warrington managed to put together the furniture and install it on the wall. The whole service was quick and didn’t leave a lot of mess for us to take care of which did affect the final price. The total service cost was only £65 which the customer found to be absolutely worth it!

bathroom cabinet fitting in warrington

Client Feedback

Client satisfaction is what we always aim for. At the end of the day, it is a direct evaluation of our work. And as experts in this field, we cherish a happy rating for the job we do. Count on us to handle each task with expertise and attention to detail. Contact us today and book your professional service!

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