A Complete Bathroom Design & Fitting Job in St Helens

Client Requirements

The family in St Helens was looking to refurbish their entire bathroom. Starting from the design all the way to choosing the right materials & fitting the bathroom completely. By choosing Two Lions, our client was able to benefit from a 100% hassle-free process, as we cover every part of the service entirely, providing them with a complete bathroom design & fitting.


As in every more complex service we’re a part of, we performed a detailed initial survey to fully understand the vision of the client and carefully plan out each step of the service. Once we were familiar with the idea & the available budget of the client, our technicians contacted a few suppliers that can provide the required materials for the job.
After we had the best price for the materials needed, we came up with a detailed quote, and also got pictures of similar bathroom designs to further navigate the service in the right direction, and ensure that the experts & the client are on the same page. Once the quote was accepted & a deposit for the cost of material was made, we just had to wait for the materials to be delivered. In the meantime, we discussed with the client, how they can best prepare for the upcoming days since they wouldn’t be able to use the bathroom at all.

Getting The Job Done

A few days later, we had all the materials delivered and the bathroom design & fitting experts in St Helens were ready to begin. To start it off we removed everything in the existing bathroom, making sure we have a good base to work on the design & fit from scratch. During the removal of the existing bathroom, there was a lot of waste that needed to be taken care of. This is why we had waste removal already included in the quote so that our client didn’t need to bother. Proceeding next, we had the plumbing part laid down and further worked on putting everything together – tiling, grouting, fitting all the elements together, and ensuring that each detail is polished to perfection.
In less than a week, our client had their brand new bathroom ready & available for use. It usually doesn’t take more than a week for us to provide the complete service, as we always send two local bathroom design & fitting teams – the first one to prepare the area & remove the existing bathroom & the second team to install the new one.
complete bathroom design and fitting

Client Feedback

The customer was happy with the results and surprised that we were able to get the job done quickly & effectively while handling all the work ourselves – from the supplying of all materials & taking care of the waste to the design and installation.
Each of our clients also receives a 3-month guarantee for any leaks or possible issues. We trust our expertise and know that our fitting process is amongst the best. We’re willing to bet on it and ensure that the customer is comfortable with making their choice and trusting us.

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