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Circumstances & Client Requirements

A client called us looking for a professional bathroom renovation in St Helens. They wanted to have a complete bathroom makeover and wanted to discuss their vision and main idea for the new look in person. That was not a problem for us at all. We scheduled an appropriate date for the survey for both parties.
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How We Prepared

Once we visited for inspection the local bathroom fitters in St Helens started to plan out the service. The client already had a pretty clear vision of what their bath to look like. We discussed their budget, suggested the best lighting options, location of the sink, shower, the installation of underfloor heating systems, and how to deal with the plumbing system and make it all work. After the quote was given to the customer we started having regular calls and conversations based on what tiles and what different accessories the customer wishes to have in their bathroom.
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Our Job

After a few days of going over different ideas and samples and in-depth discussions about the details surrounding the new bathroom we finally came up with the full design and ordered all the materials. On the first day, we also send our waste removal team to get rid of the old bathroom, while the bathroom fitting experts leave the room to be only walls without anything in it. Once everything was cleaned and ready it took us almost 2 weeks of work to fully transform the bathroom.

It usually takes between a week and 3 weeks to finish a bath makeover depending on the size and design of the room. The client had a medium-sized room for us to work with and a pretty clear vision for his bathroom so we managed to quickly get it done.

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Client Feedback

The client was very happy with the end results and pleased with the attention we gave to every detail from the survey to the last touches. It is certainly not an easy task to transform the look of your bathroom as it requires a lot of work in order to first get rid of the old, plan out the new one to the smallest detail and execute the fitting process perfectly.

The bathroom fitting experts in St Helens know how to handle any job – you can be sure to rely on us for any renovation around the house. Contact us and schedule your service today!

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