Plumbing and handyman job in Manchester

Client Requirements

A customer in central Manchester, call us and he wanted to get a price for replacing his existing toilet with an electric bidet. So, we requested images, and we quoted the customer £250 labour + materials on top.

New bidet mounted

How We Prepare

The task at hand was not going to be easy. We needed to run the power supply for the electric bidet and plumb the system. This ment that we had to open the wall behind the original toilet and work from there. Nothing is impossible for our bathroom fitting handyman in Manchesr!

Whole in the wall to reach the plumbing system

How We Perform It

We sent a team of two guys who managed to complete the job in less than 3h. The bidet was installed and the old toilet was removed from the property for additional £40.

We used the opening in the wall behind the bathroom to run the power for the bidet and plumb the system.

After we were done we had to close the opening and re-paint the wall. At the end there were no signs that there was a whole there at all! This cost the customer additional £150.

Running plumbing and power to an electric bidet in Manchester
Re-painted wall

Client Feedback

At the end of it all, the client was verry happy with the job. There were no signs we ever had to cut a whole in his wall, the old toilet was out of the property, and he was left with a brand new electric bidet. The service was performed quick and clean!

Freshly installed bidet in Manchester

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