Cupboard removal and electrical Manchester

Client Requirements

A business based in central Manchester called and requested a part of their worktop to be cut and removed together with the cupboard underneath.

We asked for some photos of the cupboard and saw there were a couple of electric outlets underneath. They needed to be moved, before the cupboard could be removed.

Electrical outlets in cupboard

How We Prepare

First we sent a team of electricians to move the electric outlets to the cupboard next to the one we had to remove.

We also needed to source a couple of aluminium profiles to re-finish the edge of the worktop after we shorten it.

Then it was time for our Manchester carpenter team to do their job!

Shorten worktop

How We Perform It

After the materials were sourced and the electircs were moved we could proceed with removing the cupboard that was not needed and shorten the worktop.

We sent a team of two handyman who were able to perform the service up to standards. Because the client was a business our team needed to work after work hours. Regardless, they were able to finish the job quick and the shop were fully ready to server its clients next morning!

The whole service cost our client £630 all together.

Cupboard removed
Worktop and cupboard finished

Client Feedback

The client was please with the service. He was happy that the team managed to finish the job in a single visit and perform it after his working hours.

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