Installing free standing dishwasher in Wigan

Client Requirements

A customer from Wigan called in with a query for freestanding dishwasher installation.

He wanted a part of the cupboard to be removed, so the dishwasher could take its place.

The cupboards were emptied and cleaned so the installation could take place.

Freestanding Dishwasher Installation in a Cupboard

How We Prepare

As usual, we asked for a couple of images for general assessment.

We then sent a handyman and a local Wigan handyman to perform the removal of the cupboard and to prepare for appliance installation.

The handyman took a closer look at the cabinet and checked how will he approach the plumbing and wiring of the new appliance.

He noticed that the freshwater pipe of the dishwasher would be too short, however, the washing machine had a longer fresh water hose. The handyman asked the client if switching the place of both appliances was an issue.

The cupboard that needs to be removed for the dishwasher installation

How We Perform It

After the handyman got a confirmation from the client he got his tools and started work.

First, the cupboard was removed and the washing machine was pulled out of its old spot.

After that, all of the current plumbing had to be disconnected in order for it to be properly re-done with the plumbing of the dishwasher.

The washing machine was then installed in the cupboard on the right, leaving the spot beneath the sink available for the new dishwasher.

Last but not least, the dishwasher was installed. Both appliances were now connected to a fresh water source and grey water outlets.

Checking the plumbing behind the washing machine
Finished dishwasher installation in Manchester

Client Feedback

The client was super happy with the service. The new place for the dishwasher was even more convenient, given that it was closer to the sink and directly under the plate drying rack.

The service took about two hours and cost the client £210.

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