Furniture Assembly in Warrington – TV Unit Assembly

Client Requirements

A local client contacted us in regards to the assembly of a TV unit. The client decided to trust a professional to handle the job in order to get it done swiftly, saving them some time and effort. We didn’t find it necessary to schedule a survey as the job didn’t require special attention and we knew that the furniture assembly experts in Warrington will get the job done with no issues at all.


Over the phone, with the client, we talked through all the important details which were enough for us to understand what type of unit needs assembling and what tools will be required.

There was no need for a big preparation as it is a pretty straightforward job – just the right tools and professional approach!
professional furniture assembly warrington

How We Did It

As it was a light job we decided that one expert will be enough to get the job done swiftly. We scheduled the service for the earliest day possible as it was not going to take much time to be finished. Upon arrival, the pro jumped straight into the assembly process.

The local furniture fitter had vast experience in assembling all kinds of furniture, which helped him easily get an understanding of how to assemble the TV unit piece. With attention to detail and the help of professional equipment, the furniture was flawlessly assembled in about an hour. The total cost of the service was £52. The local expert helped the client to position the unit and put the TV on top of it.
furniture assembly in warrington


The customer was happy that they received the assistance they were looking for at an amazingly low cost. They were surprised how quickly the furniture assembly expert was able to understand the instructions and be organised throughout the whole process, making it look like a piece of cake to assemble the parts.

If you’re looking for professional furniture assembly in Warrington – get in touch with us & schedule your service.

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