Professional Garden Clearance in Bolton

Circumstances & Requirements

A customer contacted us enquiring about our garden clearance service & availability. What they wanted help with was an overgrown garden that they wanted to clean up for a long time, but never had the chance to speak with local gardeners until now. In order for us to better prepare and decide how to provide them with both quick & effective service, the client sent in pictures of the garden. Once we were familiar with the condition of the premises, we were able to plan out how we were going to handle the whole service.

This is How We Prepared

Due to the volume of work we expected, because of the state of the garden, we sent out two teams (4 technicians) for one full day of work. The local gardeners in Bolton have previously carried out similar services where the amount of work requires us to be swift & do our best to handle the job within a reasonable timeframe. Fortunately, our teams are equipped with great tools that increase the speed & effectiveness of the service. Once we had the most important details laid down, we scheduled a convenient date for us and the customer.

How We Cleaned the Garden

On the day of the appointment, once we arrived at the premises we jumped straight into the job, as we knew it will take a long time for us to take care of everything. Starting in the morning, it took us a whole day to bring the desired results. For maximum efficiency, we used professional fully petrol-based equipment.

We started the clearance from two different parts of the garden and just as we planned – we managed to finish the job within one day. The work started in the morning around 9 AM and we had it done between 7-8 PM. The price for the service includes the labour along with the waste removal prices, starting from £130 for half a van & £260 for a full van. The initial offer was £680 which included the labour and 1 full van of waste. However, the amount of waste was way more than expected – we managed to load up a second van full of waste for £230. The final payment was £910
garden clearance project in Bolton

Client Feedback

The client was pleasantly surprised that we were able to get the job done in just one day! Even though there was a lot of work that needed to be done, we knew that two teams will have the manpower to ensure swift & reliable work! The customer was really satisfied with the end result and thankful that we were able to take care of the waste entirely by loading up a second van with waste, even though it was getting late. Contact us today and schedule your professional gardening service in Bolton!
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