Garden Clearance and Landscaping in Liverpool

Client Requirements

A customer contacted us in regards to some issues he had on his new property with his neighbors and the council. He originally booked a full garden clearance but after we finished the job, the client wanted a full landscaping project. This was a bit challenging for us since their garden was pretty large. Nonetheless, we were excited, to begin with this big project.
full garden landscaping
garden clearance and landscaping


Initially, we started preparing for the clearance of the garden, which according to our client would be a huge job, as the garden was a large one and has a lot of waste to be taken care of. We have previous experience in taking care of huge green spots so we were not hesitant about the success we’ll have with the job. We prepared our equipment and scheduled the earliest available date for the service in Liverpool to take place.

garden landscaping
landscaping project in leigh

Getting The Job Done

At the appointed date and time the experts arrived ready to take care of the job. We sent a team of 3 of our most experienced gardeners in Liverpool so that we can manage to finish all the work as quickly while maintaining the quality we’re known for.

The garden we had in front of us looked like it hasn’t been taken care of for a very long time so without wasting any time we quickly planned out how to distribute the manpower and jumped straight into the job itself.

Little by little, we were getting rid of the garden waste. It took us a few days to fully clean it, and this is when the potential for great garden landscaping started to really show. Once the client also saw the opportunity he had – to make his garden a beautiful place he can enjoy and relax, he immediately wanted to begin a detailed garden landscaping project.

We were happy to hear that and proceeded to work on the landscaping, following the customer’s instructions and adding a touch of our own to make the most out of the place we had at our disposal. The main work when it comes to the landscaping we did includes digging everything down, laying flags, creating a brick wall, flower beds, and putting down turf.

Both the clearance and the landscaping took us about a month and a half. The labour of the waste clearance was in a total of £650 and the waste £870. And the amount of the landscaping project was £11,600, excluding the materials.

garden clearance and landscaping
landscaping clearance
final results landscaping

Client Feedback

Since the beginning, the client was extremely happy with the waste removal and he decided to rely on us for a full landscaping project which we gladly took care of. The local experts in Liverpool really had a challenge but within a reasonable timeframe, they managed to take care of everything for a great final price. The customer was surprised by how knowledgeable and experience our team is and wanted to start inside renovation as well.

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