Overgrown Garden Clearance in Salford

Customer Requirements

We were contacted by a customer in regards to gardening service in Salford. They shared that the garden has not been taken care of for more than a year and advised us that there is a lot of work to be done. Besides the tidying up they asked for a few plants to be removed. The client was very informative during our call so we managed to picture the whole service and plan out what we were going to need.

Our Preparation

We always love when client provides us with detailed information about what they want to do with their garden. Mainly because this allows us to focus on the job before we even begin. We managed to schedule an appropriate date for the local gardening team and the client choosing the earliest date for the service to take place. The local gardeners in Salford prepared the necessary equipment and were fully prepared for the task at hand.

Cleaning the Garden

The two local gardening experts in Salford arrived at the scheduled time and once again discussed the whole service in detail with the client, making sure they have their clear vision captured and turn the garden into the space which the customer desires. There was a lot of work ahead since it has not been cleared in a long time so quickly after we advised the job with the client we jumped straight into work.

The gardeners in Salford began with cutting down all the overgrown plants and proceeded with tidying up the area, following with some mowing to get the grass even and looking great. The client requested one big plant to be removed so the local experts took care of it as well. It was a decent amount of work – taking roughly 4 hours to finish the job with the desired results. The final price was £250 labour and the waste disposal was half a van which cost £130.

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Client Feedback

It took us a while to get the garden looking fresh and clean but in the end the customer was very happy with the clearance and how their garden looked after the service. It really added to the look of the exterior. The client really appreciated that we took care of the green waste as well, making their experience with us 100% hassle-free. If you’re looking to rejuvenate the look of your green space – you can rely on the professional gardeners in Manchester area to help you with that – contact us today!

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