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Client Requirements

A client in Warrington contacted us in regards to her moving to a new build house. She wanted help with the installation of a large TV on the wall. Her primary concern was that the wall wouldn’t be able to hold the TV, this is why she sought an expert’s advice. During the phone call, we had understood that most likely, our handyman in Warrington will be able to mount it to the wall successfully.

How We Prepare

For a swift & effective job, we sent 3 of our technicians on the agreed date & time. After a quick inspection of the premises and the wall she wanted us to mount the TV to, we knew the best way to perform the installation and ensure that there won’t be any possible way to dismount.

Getting The Job Done

To fit the TV we used special anchor bolts that went through the whole wall, including the bricks in order to hold the brackets and the heavyweight of the TV with no issues at all. In just a matter of hours, our team was able to successfully complete the job with perfect results.
The customer was so happy with the work done by the local handymen in Warrington that she further wanted us to tackle a few more odd jobs around her new home. Fitting of two doors and an installation of the countertop. Sending a team of 3 technicians allowed us to tackle all of the requested jobs in just one day.
tv mounting in warrington


As she was initially skeptical if the mounting is even possible, the client was pleasantly surprised by how quick and hassle-free our team was able to handle the task at hand. We are professionals with years of experience in taking care of the odd jobs around the house. Our job is to help you with our skills and knowledge and provide you with peace of mind when it comes to these often neglected tasks.

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