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Client Requirements

A customer called us looking for a professional handyman in St Helens to assist her in installing open wardrobes to the wall. The expert covering the St Helens area had a flexible schedule to work with so it was easy for us to book an appointment which is appropriate for the team and the customer.

How We Prepare

Over the phone the customer explained that she wanted to have the open wardrobes secured to the wall to prevent them from falling. This is usually not a complex task to take care of if you have the proper skillset and all the necessary tools to perform the service. The technician in St Helens immediately knew how the whole job should be handled and was able to schedule the service for the next morning.

Getting The Job Done

On the next day, the technician arrived at the scheduled time and proceeded straight to the job, without wasting any time. As it was understood over the initial call, the furniture was not huge which led us to the conclusion that one expert will be enough to perform the service.

In order to meet the client’s expectations, the local handyman knew that L-shaped brackets would be necessary to secure the open wardrobes to the wall, so he had already prepared them for installation. In less than 1 hour the technician in St Helens had the job finished with perfect results. The total cost of the service was only £45 labour. This is totally understandable since the work itself was no more than an hour.

wardrobe installation in st helens


The customer was very happy with the end results and the final price. Most of our clients are always amazed by how easy and how fast we manage to take care of each job. Our expertise is what differentiates us from our competitors. Years of experience lies in the hands of each and everyone of the experts at Two Lions! Be sure to rely on us – contact us today!

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