Hanging in Salford

Circumstances & Requirements

A customer contacted us looking for a professional hanging of a few items. Over the phone, we were informed that the items included pictures frames, art frames, mirrors, shelves, baskets, and a garden hose. They had a clear vision of how everything had to look and the way it should be hung. We’re always happy to welcome a client with a clear vision – it just makes the whole job run as smoothly as it can be.

This is How We Prepared

The local hanging expert in Salford has previous experience with hanging every item which the client informed us he wanted to hang. Because of that, he had a clear idea of how the service would take place. All the equipment was ready and the earliest date was scheduled for the customer.

The Professional Hanging

On the appointed date & time we sent just one expert to complete the job, as we knew that it is certainly not a big deal, and due to the clients’ clear vision, the professional had everything planned out and perfectly scheduled for the day. The handyman started with inspecting the walls and proceeded with hanging the picture frames. After that, he hung up the art frames, mirrors, shelves, baskets & lastly the garden hose. The whole job took even less than he expected – in about 2 hours everything was completed perfectly according to the client’s vision. The local picture-hanging expert in Salford was happy to assist our client.

Client Feedback

Hanging can take a lot of time, especially when you’ve not done it previously and lack the experience. Our client was extremely happy with the end results and how quickly the local pro managed to hang all the items on the wall while keeping the pricing perfectly reasonable. You can be sure that we’ll meet your expectations.

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