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Ensure your property is completely free of pests with our modern heat treatment services for pest extermination in Manchester!


Our heat treatment solutions are available whenever you need them. We know that it is difficult to make arrangements with a busy lifestyle so we’re always there for you. You can rely on our experts on weekends and bank holidays.


Our years of experience and the professional team that we work with a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of our heat treatment. We follow a carefully designed plan to ensure that all pests are removed from your property.


We deliver heat treatment solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. No job is the same and we always treat our projects and clients with the care and attention they deserve. You can expect a custom-made solution for exceptional results.


Heat treatments are an innovative alternative to standard pest control as they provide a pest solution that does not involve the use of any chemicals. Our bed bug heat treatment in Manchester relies on findings from scientific studies that have uncovered that when heating pests’ cells to above 45°C, the DNA is damaged and the cells are unable to continue functioning as normal. Our experts are certified and trained to deliver quality heat treatment against bed bugs and other pests in your area. Enjoy a pest-free home and let our heat treatment specialists do the rest.

1. Area Inspection

Before we can begin applying our heat treating methods, we will send a licensed team of experts to inspect your property. A thorough inspection will allow us to locate the origin of the pest infestation, uncover the type of pests we are dealing with, the level of infestation, and more.
In other words, it will allow us to create a tailored heat treatment plan that will get rid of unwelcome insects and bugs from your living space.
local pest heat treatment

3. The Heating Phase

We use top-notch technology such as advanced heaters and powerful fans to heat the property to the desired temperature and ensure that the heat is evenly spread throughout all infected areas.
This process makes it possible for the hot temperature to reach all furniture, mattresses, wall voids, clothing, and even electronics to ensure full elimination of bed bugs, fleas, and other pests.
local heat treatment for pests

2. Property Preparation

Our local trained heat treatment experts in Manchester will prepare the area for heat treatment. This includes opening drawers, closets, bins, bags, boxes, and even taking apart furniture and beds if necessary to guarantee that the heat can reach all parts of your home.
We will position both wired and wireless probes to keep track of the temperature at all times.
expert heat treatment equipment

4. Pest Elimination

Once all areas have been heated to the desired temperature, we will maintain these temperature levels constant for up to 4 hours. The heat will eliminate adult pests, their eggs, and get rid of all traces of their colonies.
We will then put back everything in place as we found it upon arrival and carry out a second inspection to ensure the process has been successful.
complete bed bug treatment in Wigan

Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

Are you being bitten in your sleep? Bed bugs love to attack their victims during the night and feed off their blood. Say goodbye to these nuisances and enjoy a pest-free home environment by getting in touch with our local bed bug heat treatment experts in Manchester.

local expert flea extermination

Flea Heat Treatment

Regardless of whether you have pets or not, fleas can invade your home and do a lot of harm. They are popular biters that leave behind itchy red spots on your skin. The good news is that we have all it takes to eliminate them. Our affordable flea heat treatment cost makes this service even more lucrative!
moth control wigan

Moth Heat Treatment

Have you been seeing holes in your clothes? Or perhaps you are seeing weird spiderweb-like structures in your food boxes? Moths can destroy your clothing and intoxicate your food. They remain hidden as they are great at finding hiding spots around the house. Eliminate them for good with our services.
local carpet beetle treatment

Carpet beetle Heat Treatment

Spraying against carpet beetles won’t do the trick if you’re hoping to eliminate their colonies and get rid of these pests. Our Manchester carpet beetle exterminators have the necessary technology and know-how to fully exterminate these bugs from your home and protect you.


“Nicolay always kept in contact with me, described how he was going to fix my problem, and then was finished in a very short time. He was punctual, polite, and left my house as if he had never been there. His colleague Stan was also polite clean and a solid worker. I would recommend them to anyone.”
“Great service. These guys have been to do a couple of jobs at my house and never had any problems with them and they have always completed jobs to a high standard. Would definitely recommend them to family and friends,”
“Work was done really quickly and efficiently and was done to a high standard. Really friendly guys that seemed happy to offer advice when I needed it. They are hard-working and have good availability. Completed a range of different jobs. Thanks.”

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We work with some of Manchester’s best and most qualified pest control experts to provide professional and reliable pest extermination solutions in your area. Book us today and enjoy a pest-free living space.


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