Hedge Trimming Wigan

Client Requirements

One of our regular customers called in.

However, this time she needed help with another property.

Her mother-in-law’s hedges and lawn were getting out of shame, hence she was looking for someone to take care of that.

Hedges in need of trimming in Wigan

How We Prepare

We were super glad that our clients spread the good word about our work, so we were eager to take care of the gardening services needed with utmost care and professionalism, as usual!

As usual, we requested a couple of images to get an understanding of what needs to be done. After examining the images, we concluded that the hedges were in need of trimming and the lawn required mowing and edging along the fence.

The total cost for the entire service would be £90 in labour for our client.

Untrimmed hedges in Wigan

How We Perform It

After the client agreed to our quote, we were ready to start the job.

The Wigan gardening team began by trimming the hedges, and once that was complete, we moved on to edging the lawn.

Some plants were trying to take over the fence, but we took care of the overgrown vegetation and neatly edged the lawn.

With the edging done, it was time for a quick mow of the lawn.

Although it wasn’t in terrible shape, this final touch made a significant difference in the appearance of the garden.

Now that the lawn was properly edged and the hedges were nicely trimmed, the overall look of the garden had greatly improved.

Hedge trimming service performed in Wigan
Trimmed hedges in Wigan from the outside

Client Feedback

The result was great. The front lawn was completely changed. It now looked nice and fresh and the client was happy with the service. She now had our contact information and promised to give us a call whenever there was a need for our services.

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