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Client Requirements

A customer contacted us in regards to an ivy that they couldn’t remove by themselves as it was grown all over the back wall and the shed inside their recently bought house. Ivy removal is something we often perform for our clients who book our gardening services, so we knew that no matter how big or complex the whole procedure is, we can handle it with ease. Of course, in order to prepare adequately, first we scheduled a survey.

How We Prepare

During the survey, we examined the area and noticed that the ivy has grown between the bricks. As this presents a serious risk of the wall falling we had to plan out how to support the wall during the service and make sure that we cause no damage. We informed the client that the whole service might take a little more time than expected as we had to be extra careful. To ensure the best possible results we decided to send a team of 3 to get the job done in a single day. The client was ok with that and appreciated the fact that we were going to still take care of the job even though it was an extraordinary task and required additional attention and more effort towards the desired end results. Of course, we knew that we can handle the job without the risk of damaging the wall.
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Getting The Job Done

On the scheduled date and time, the local gardeners in Liverpool arrived fully equipped and ready to get rid of the ivy. Luckily the ivy was not yet fully ingrained into the wall which really simplified the whole job. That being said, our team still had to be careful with the removal so that the wall is left undamaged.

Step by step we had it taken down within the time we initially had planned for the service. The job took a whole day to be completed. The total cost was £1,200 labour, without the waste disposal, as the customer wanted to take care of it by themselves. The wall was in perfect condition and no damage was caused which was a huge relief both for the customer and our team.

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The client was happy that we took care of the job within the day. It seemed like it would take a lot more time as it was a really overgrown ivy with additional obstacles. We understand that convenience is important for every customer. This is why we always rely on our survey to gather necessary information and give the client an honest quote, timeframe, and exceptional service. If you’re looking for gardening services in Liverpool – get in touch today and schedule the local team!
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