Ivy Removal in Manchester

Client Requirements

A client contacted us in regards to a specialised ivy removal service for a building in Manchester center. As most who have had their fair share of ivy headache know – the plant can be very invasive. Given a proper & solid texture, it can crawl and grow up to 20m, sometimes even more! The situation our client had was not that big of a deal, however, it definitely required professional treatment.


Ivy removal can be tricky to handle, especially given that they reach big heights. They do require a certain amount of tools to be able to get rid of it effectively, and most importantly safely. Equipment such as gardening gloves, shears, weed killers, and in most cases – a ladder is crucial for an efficient service. As gardening experts – we have all the tools necessary to handle any gardening job that one might need. After clearing up the details in regards to the job, we scheduled a convenient date for both our gardening team and our client.

How We Did It

Due to the volume of work for this project, we sent a team of 3 gardeners to take care of the ivy removal in Manchester. From the experience we have, we know that such jobs can be really time-consuming as we strive to guarantee the perfect results when it comes to each one of the jobs we attend.
The gardening experts in Manchester arrived at the scheduled date and time, fully equipped and ready to get the job done. Each gadget we use is a specialised, high-quality tool that allows us to bring the desired results and perform the service 100% safely. Choosing to send 3 pros allowed us to get the job done pretty quickly and ensure that we keep the high standard we’re known for. In fact, the actual service took just 4 hours to be fully completed and the cost of it £650. The final price includes the disposal of gardening waste.
ivy removal in Manchester
professional ivy removal


The customer was pleasantly surprised by how quickly we managed to get down the ivy. Not only that but also that we managed to load up our van and get rid of the disposal as well. Happy customers are all we want to see at the end of the day. From start to finish we try our best to ensure that the service we offer is not just a job to do, but a pleasant experience and confidence that you’ve made the choice by choosing Two Lions 11!

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