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Client Requirements

We were contacted by a landlord, asking us to help him with an ivy removal service. Apparently one of his properties was full of ivy and he was not capable to take care of the job by himself since it has grown way bigger and the situation required professional assistance. The local gardeners in St Helens had a busy schedule during that time, but we still managed to find a spot for the job in our schedule and make an appointment that was reasonable for us and for our client.


As per usual, in order for us to prepare accordingly, we asked the client for a detailed explanation of the condition and furthermore send us photos of the ivy and its location. The actual removal is not necessarily a difficult procedure, however, many times the ivy grows out of control, reaching big heights. This is when it can become more difficult & a dangerous task. Our team is fully equipped with all the necessary tools for safe removal – this includes ladders, gardening gloves, shears, and weed killers. Having these tools at our disposal allows us to bring the desired results swiftly & efficiently!

How We Did It

After we received photos of the ivy we decided that a team of two will surely get the job done effectively, within a reasonable timeframe. We arrived at the scheduled date & time and got down to business immediately. The high-end equipment we use allows us to work at a higher pace and have a serious volume of work done both quickly.

In no more than an hour, we managed to completely remove the ivy from the property and restore its look. After the service, we collected the waste, left it nice and clean for our customer and called it a day. The amount of work we had to handle was a good amount for a great price. The total cost of the service was £150, which includes waste disposal and the labour for our team.
ivy removal in st helens
professional ivy removal


The client was shocked by how quickly & easily we were able to finish the task in less than 1 hour, while still maintaining high-quality results.
Building long-lasting relationships with our customers is something we always look forward to. This is why it is always a pleasure for us to see a pleasant surprise in our customers and know that we’ve earned their trust. Contact us today and book your professional gardening service in St Helens today!

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