Jet Washing in St Helens

Client Requirements

One of our clients in St Helens contacted us about a professional pressure washing service as they wanted to clean the driveway that wasn’t cleaned in a long time. During our conversation, the client mentioned that the driveway was made from paving bricks. As we already had previous experience cleaning such surfaces we knew that our service is exactly what they’re looking for!

How We Prepare

In the initial conversation, we gathered the important details & information surrounding such as the size of the driveway and the material in order to better prepare for the task at hand. We scheduled an appropriate date and decided to send just one expert to do the job as we’re fully equipped with everything necessary to quickly & efficiently get the job done.

How We Perform It

As in every service we’re involved in we arrived on time & since we had all the details laid down on the first call, the technician was able to jump straight into the job. The equipment we use for our professional jet washing service in St Helens requires electricity & water connection. After we had it all set up, the pro proceeded to pressure wash.
If we find it necessary we can move certain exterior items from the surface to ensure that there won’t be any damage caused by the high pressure. The local experts in St Helens have experience in cleaning numerous areas & surfaces and are always careful to ensure that you get the best results. By using our advanced equipment we’re able to get rid of even the most stubborn grime – mold, mildew, rust & more! Even though we only sent one of our local technicians, he was able to finish the job in just 2 hours!
jet washing in st helens

Client Feedback

The client was surprised by how easily we were able to tackle the job, without wasting any time and bring the desired results for only £150. No mess left behind, no hassle – 100% guaranteed quality!

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