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Customer Requirements

A customer called us in regards to a landscaping project, specifically for building a shed at the back of their garden. We decided that it will be best to perform a survey in order to better understand the concept of the client and be sure that we know exactly what they are going for. They wanted a really well-built and great-looking shed to complement their beautiful garden and we knew that our local landscaping experts in Leigh will be able to fulfill their needs straight away!

Our Preparation

The client had a clear vision on where exactly they wanted to position the shed and luckily they already had a well-maintained and pretty great-looking garden which allowed us to quickly come up plan out the design they already had, combine it with a base that suits the flower beds and really have the whole place looking beautiful, not just basic. We had all the equipment ready and our top landscaping team was happy to get into work as soon as possible.

The landscaping

At the appointed date and time the local gardening experts in Leigh arrived at the address. Without wasting any time, the team started to plan out the whole service so that they get the best possible results within a reasonable timeframe. Starting with a small clearance of the garden to allow us to get the positioning of the shed the exact way both our team and the client saw it.

After that, we started to lay the base for the shed. Our team had previous experience in such garden landscaping projects in Leigh that included building sheds and polishing the look of the green spot so they knew how to handle the job effectively and get the most out of it. During the first day, we managed to have the surrounding area nice and clean and almost half of the shed already built. On the second day, we arrived early and jump straight into finishing the shed. At the end of the day, we managed to get it fully built and looking great.

shed building garden landscaping  in leigh

Client Feedback

The final results were spectacular – in just two days the garden was transformed. This is what you can expect from our expert gardening services in Wigan and the nearby areas. It usually does not take much to get the green space looking new. A shed in the middle of it, however really changes the whole energy of the exterior. The client was extremely satisfied with the final results – everything turned even way better than they imagined in the first place. Within a reasonable timeframe and a great price, we were able to add so much character to their garden. Do not hesitate – contact us now and book your professional landscaping service in Leigh!

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