Picture Fitting in Central Manchester

Customer Requirements & Preparation

For this job, a customer called us asking for assistance for picture fitting in Central Manchester. They had a few pictures that needed hanging, however, it was particularly tricky, so they decided to leave the task to a professional. Over the phone we were informed about the details of the picture fitting, so we managed to plan out the whole process and later on execute the picture hanging as efficiently and as quickly as possible. We set up an appointment and prepared all the necessary equipment for the job.

Hanging the pictures in Manchester

On the day of the appointment, the pro arrived at the address and got straight into work. There were 5 pictures in total that our client wanted to fit on the walls. Our team knew that, so we decided to send just one local picture fitter as it is usually not very time-consuming if you have the skills and the proper equipment. We discussed the exact positioning of the pictures with the client, took measurements, and started hanging them one by one.

The job went through without complication, as the local picture fitter in Manchester has serious experience with the jobs. In just 1 hour the expert managed to get all 5 of the pictures perfectly fitted. This type of work doesn’t require a lot of time if you have the expertise needed. That being said, the total price for our work was only £85 labour.

Client Feedback

The customer was extremely satisfied with the final results, and furthermore genuinely surprised how quickly without any hassle we managed to finish the job. The cost of our service was very reasonable for them as well! We always love to see our clients happy with our services – at the end of the day, this is what we aim for!

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