Local Waste Removal in St Helens

Client Requirements & Preparation

A customer called us in regards to a waste removal service in St Helens. She wanted us to be as quick as possible, possibly perform the service on the same day. Even though we had a busy schedule that day and all of our waste removal experts in St Helens were busy, we did our best to try and fulfill our clients’ needs. We asked her to send us images of the waste, so we can examine what type of waste is, what amount it is, and approximately how much time it would take our experts to get the job done and see if we can include it in our schedule. After we received the pictures, we understood that it is a small amount of waste which we can handle quickly.

Getting the job done

We offered her to get the job done on the same day for only £150. She accepted and we went there within an hour. We sent a team of two to get the work done quickly so we can have time to proceed with other scheduled jobs for the day. The team quickly planned out the service and jumped straight into the job.

As it was a small amount of waste, we managed to handle the job in less than a couple of hours. We entirely took care of the rubbish that we collected and dispatched it, which resulted in 100% hassle-free service for our client.

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The customer was extremely happy that we managed to get rid of all the waste within the day in a manner of 1-2 hours, absolutely hassle-free from their end. All of our clients that benefit from the waste removal service are always happy with the results, as such a job is a burden in many eyes. All the work that comes with it, collection, disposal and what not. Rely on our team to get that burden off your shoulders! Contact us today & schedule your professional waste removal in St Helens.

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