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Our Clients’ Requirements

Two of our clients based in the Manchester area needed help with their overgrown gardens. Taking care of the overgrown grass is not necessarily a difficult task, however, depending on the actual condition it can really be very time-consuming if you lack the proper equipment and knowledge on how to handle the job. The local gardening team in Manchester come fully equipped & experienced to tackle the task at hand and bring back even the wildest jungle to a smooth green paradise. As we were contacted by two returning clients – they knew that we were going to bring spectacular results and nothing less.
overgrown garden project

This is How We Prepared

As we’ve done previous jobs for the clients, we were familiar with the area that required work. Yet, we still asked the customer to send through pictures of the garden in order to really understand what our team will need to take care of. After we received the pictures we were able to give our clients a rough duration of the service. Overgrown gardens are usually handled by a single gardener, however, we decided to send a team of two. Mainly to get the jobs done quicker, more effectively & handle the green waste disposal, meeting the client requirements at 100%.

How we performed the service

The expert gardeners arrived at the appointment ready to get straight into work. Once we examined the premises first hand, we made a quick plan on how to handle the job so that we perform a 100% hassle-free service without wasting any time.
local gardening experts in manchester
overgrown garden in manchester
Working as a team of two allowed us to quickly get the ball rolling and within only 30 minutes we had the job almost ready. The fact that we’re able to handle a decent volume of work and still bring incredible results to our clients in a short period of time is due to the high-end equipment we use. Our tools are fully petrol-based and give us the flexibility and mobility we need for similar gardening tasks. The service took approximately 1 hour and the cost was £90 labour + £45 for 1 jumbo bag of waste. After we had the first overgrown garden taken care of, we visited the second client in Manchester and transformed his overgrown garden within an hour.

Client Feedback

Cutting down a dense garden is definitely not rocket science, but it requires a decent amount of time and effort. Furthermore, if you’re looking for brilliant results – the task requires skills & knowledge in gardening. Our clients were happy with the quick & efficient work we managed to do for them in just 1 hour. The fact that we offer a 100% hassle-free gardening service is why we believe they chose Two Lions once again! We always try to perform the highest quality service our customers can receive – this is why we handle everything from start to finish – planning, equipment & disposal of the green waste.
overgrown garden maintenance in Manchester

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