Pampas Grass Removal Liverpool

Client Requirements

One of our customers in Liverpool called for a quote for pampas grass removal. Usually people trim those plants, however, the customer wanted it completely removed with the roots.

The plant was right in front of the entrance of the house, it was in the way, so it had to go.

Overgrown pampas grass plant

How We Prepare

After we looked at the images the client sent in, it became clear that we would need bigger bags for green waste. The plant was massive and had a lot of shrubbery and dead leaves that needed trimming, before we even got close to the roots.

The client even thought that we might not make it in one visit.

Side view of an overgrown pampas grass plant in Liverpool

How We Perform It

A team of two gardeners came to the rescue. First all the excess vegetation that was in the way needed to go. After about 20 minutes of trimming, the top part of the plant was removed and bagged in green waste bags.

Now the Liverpool gardening team had to find the ends of the root system, so they could pull the whole thing out. Luckily, the soil was dry. With a couple of digs of the shovel and a good pull of the plant, the edges of the root system were clearly visible.

The entire plant, with the roots and dirt that was stuck to them, was pulled out and loaded on the van. The hole that was left behind got filled with dirt, so new plants could be planted there if the clients decided to.

Client Feedback

The client was happy with the service and was surprised to see the whole plant gone in one hour. They now had to decide what to do with all the space that cleared out.

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