Patio Furniture Assembly in St Helens

Client Requirements & Preparation

We were contacted by a client, who called us through Amazon asking us to assemble a 2 set of patio furniture for his brand new garden. Over the phone, the customer managed to explain what type of furniture needed assembling, which helped us easily plan out the service and include it in our schedule. Have a closer look into how the patio furniture assembly in St Helens took place.

We don’t usually get contacted for simple furniture assembly jobs, however the client required to have perfect results and save himself some time, while skipping the hassle entirely. All of the information we needed was provided over the phone, so we knew what would be necessary for the job. One technician, a few important tools and professional experience. As we were confident in our abilities and additionally had previous similar jobs, we were able to give a quote to our client in the initial call. Having in mind that it is a relatively quick job we offered our client to perform the service for only £65.

Getting the job done

The client accepted our offer and on the next day – we were at the door at the scheduled time! Our local furniture assembly expert in St Helens has great experience in handling jobs of that nature, so he was able to jump straight into the job, without wasting time.

Over the course of not more than an hour and a half, the local assembler had already finished the job. Which included unpacking all parts, planning the assembly process, and finally assembling the furniture. Furthermore, we helped our client to fit the furniture in his newly designed garden perfectly so that it matches his expectations and vision about the whole place.

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The customer was extremely satisfied with the whole process from start to finish, which was probably the most important and rewarding part of our job!

We even managed to turn him into a returning customer as he did contact us multiple times for different jobs! We’re always happy to help – rely on us and contact us today!

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