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Client Requirements

Recently we had a client that wanted a false chimney built for his TV unit. He is actually a regular customer, so when he decided to add shelves to his chimney wall, he got in contact with us again. We are thankful for the trust he has in our services and couldn’t let him down, so we happily agreed to install the shelves for him!


We needed to make a quick visit when the shelves arrived, because he wanted glass ones. Otherwise, we could have made him custom shelves.

We quickly measured the shelves and also took some measurements of the walls and angles he wanted them mounted.

We checked the mounting solutions provided and talked a bit with our client about what he plans to put on those shelves. After making sure he does not have high expectations for the rigidity of the mounting points and the glass of the shelves we could proceed to the job itself.

shelves installed in a Liverpool home

How We Did It

The Liverpool handyman team marked the place of each shelf on the wall with a pencil and had one last check in with the client so he can finalise his decision, before we drill any holes in the perfectly good wall.

After we had the green light (pun intended) we took out our laser measurer and precisely marked the position of each shelf. Then we marked the mounting spots and pre-drilled the holes. We upgraded the mounting solutions provided with the shelves, just in case. Good thing we always carry some extra in the van.

After fixing the mounting points in a perfect level it was time to remove the protective layer from the glass and install it in place. The entire process took an hour and a half for the two-man team we sent. This shelf installation Liverpool cost our customer £185.

shelves installation in Liverpool
local shelves installation service Liverpool


The customer was happy with the final result and barely waited for us to leave, before starting to place souvenirs and decorations on his brand new, secured and perfectly levelled shelves!

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