Tree & Bush Trimming in Preston

Client Requirements

A client called us in regards to a professional tree and bush trimming in Preston. They explained that the new property they just bought is creating a hazard for the pedestrians and wanted to get the situation out of the way and properly enjoy his new home. So this is what we did – we scheduled the service for the next day.

How We Prepare

Trimming jobs are pretty familiar to us by now. With more than 10 years of experience, we’ve managed to complete hundreds of similar jobs. The customer informed us about the size of the garden and what exactly we will be dealing with.

Because of that, we already had an idea of what equipment we will need and how many experts will be enough for the job to be completed quickly!

bush and tree trimming preston

Getting The Job Done

On the next day, we arrived at the scheduled time and without any hesitation, we jumped straight into work. For most effective work & results we decided that 3 local garden trimming experts will complete the job with ease. One of them had also experience doing big gardening projects in Wigan, Manchester and Liverpool Each one of the gardeners in Preston had a priority in the job which led us to maximum efficiency.

Within only 2 hours the work was almost 100% complete. In these two hours, we had our team trim the trees and bushes in the garden and collect the green waste and prepare it for disposal. In the end, the labour was £180 and the waste was 5 full jumbo bags – each one £45 and in total £225. The local gardening experts in Preston took care of it all!

bush trimming in preston


The customer was amazed how swiftly we had the job finished, including taking care of the waste disposal. All of this is at a reasonable cost and absolutely hassle-free. His new property had a brand new look in just 2 hours. If you want this too – contact us today & schedule your professional gardening service in Preston by Two Lions 11!

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