Bamboo Removal in Warrington

Client Requirements

A client contacted us in regards to a bamboo in her backyard that seemed like an impossible task to be removed. Over the phone, she informed us that she tried anything to get rid of it, unfortunately with no success at all. Even numerous gardening companies have turned her down, as they do not offer such a service. With all honesty, bamboo removal is not something we do on a regular basis. We’ve had previous similar jobs though, so we had the confidence that we will be able to handle the job efficiently. Of course, we didn’t turn down the customer & scheduled an appropriate for her and our team.


In order to prepare accordingly, we asked our client to send some pictures and provide us with additional details about her requirements. After we received the pictures and further explanation, we knew that the task at hand will definitely be a challenging one. Bamboo removal is tricky to handle, but we knew how to perform the service with success and get the job done for our client once for all.

Getting the job done

For this job, we sent a team of two experienced gardeners as we knew that it will take a decent amount of time and advanced skills & knowledge will definitely come in handy. Once we arrived at the premises, we came up with a quick plan on how to precisely remove the bamboo.

The gardeners in Warrington had the necessary equipment to perform the service, however, the job itself required a lot of manual work. We did our best to remove the bamboos without damaging the nearby surface and leave the surrounding area nice and clean. We spent pretty much the whole day removing it and in the end – the results were amazing. The total amount of the service was £250 labour, and as it generated a lot of waste, our team took care of it as well for £90. In total £340. After the service, we cleaned up the area and left it tidy for the client.
bamboo removal in Warrington
gardeners perform bamboo removal


After many attempts to get rid of the bamboo, and numerous companies turning her down, the client was really thankful that we accepted the challenge and finally removed the bamboo in just one day.
Even though service of such nature is not something we’re contacted for often, we will never turn down a client in need. It was our pleasure to tackle a job that’s different & challenging. Contact us today and schedule your professional gardening service in Warrington.

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