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The Wigan Pest Control Service

Dealing with pests is without a doubt one of the most intimidating experiences you can have around the house. It is crucial to take action as early as possible to prevent the infestation from getting out of control. The local pest exterminators in Wigan are ready to help you deal with the uninvited visitors and make sure you can peacefully enjoy the comfort of your home or workspace.

The pest control service in steps

Inspection of your property

We initially send out the local expert to inspect the premises. During the thorough inspection, the pro will get familiar with the condition of the infestation and decide which method of pest extermination will be the most effective for you. We make sure to check every room and examine every corner to ensure that we don’t miss anything of importance.

Pest Treatment

Once the pest control specialist has determined the most appropriate treatment for you, we proceed with the service. We use proven methods and techniques, paired together with advanced equipment. Our methods include biological pest solutions, chemical treatments, pesticides, insecticides, heat treatment and more. To ensure that you won’t be bothered by pest infestations and that we’ve done a quality job we can schedule 2 to 3 visits.

Complete Prevention

Getting rid of the pests completely is not an easy task. That’s why we indulge in a variety of practices that are beneficial for a pest-free property. Be sure to rely on your technician to provide you with useful advice on how to avoid future trouble with vermin.

Pest Control After Care

We additionally offer post-service treatment upon request. You can receive help with disinfection and pet carcasses removal. Our technicians will be happy to assist you!

Pest Control Services in Wigan

complete bed bug treatment

Bed Bug Control in Wigan

These nasty pests have earned their name for an obvious reason. Their natural habitat is the bed. Famous for often disturbing the sleeping schedule, the little naughty invaders are no fun! Being small and stealthy, they have strong survivability and are extremely difficult to deal with.

The bed bug experts in Wigan understand the nature of the bug, know their habits, and excellently know how to handle an infestation of this kind. The proper treatment against these blood-sucking bugs will depend on the size & condition of the infestation.

Our team will carefully inspect the premises, no matter whether it’s your home or office that is being infested, and determine what kind of treatment will suit your needs the best. Trust the local bed bug exterminators in Wigan to handle the trouble with care and fully bring back the peace and comfort in your home.

local mice control

Rat & Mice Control in Wigan

Rodents living in your home can be a serious risk for your health and they can end up causing a lot of irreversible damage to your home and furniture too. We can help you get rid of rats and mice before they cause more problems for you.

Our rat & mice exterminators have years of experience behind their back and know how to trace them properly and get rid of them as easily and quickly as possible. Whether the rodent infestation is indoors or outdoors, we have methods that will guarantee effective removal of the infestation.

We advise anyone that needs help with rodent control to contact rat & mice control companies so they can resolve the infestation once for all. Most homemade solutions do not result in the permanent removal of the infestation. Rely on the local rodent control experts to help you get rid of the trouble. Contact us today!

professional wasp control in the area

Wasp Nest Removal in Wigan

A professional treatment is highly recommended for these pests. An inexperienced attempt can provoke the insects and result in serious damage. Their sting is painful and there sure is a reason for stress when they’re around.

Wasps usually build their homes around places where people gather and spend a lot of time. Nesting in outdoor decks, attics, and lofts, they can be really annoying and destroy the comfort of your own home or workspace.

During our visit, the wasp nest removal experts will determine the best way to handle the infestation. The local wasp exterminators are well experienced and knowledgeable about the nature of the insects. You can rely on our team to keep them away once for all and restore the peace in your property.

ant infestation extermination

Ant Treatment

Ant infestations are not as dangerous as other pest invasions, however, they can still cause problems around the house, especially in the kitchen. Frequently searching for food, they can quickly become a disturbing marching army, stealing any breadcrumb they can find.

spider extermination in wigan

Spider Control

Not as dangerous or problematic as other pests, the spiders can still cause stress and discomfort. Even though they are mostly harmless and non-poisonous, there are certain species you’d definitely want out of your property.

cockroach control wigan

Cockroach Control

The nasty cockroaches can infest pretty much any property. Usually, they are most active during the late hours when all the lights are out. Their numbers can grow incredibly fast if you don’t take the necessary precautions quickly.

fly control in wigan

Fly Control

Annoying buzzing and disturbed sleeping sessions – sound familiar? It might be time to get rid of the flies! Besides being irritating, flies can also carry lots of different diseases as they frequently touch decaying organic matter, rotting carcasses and waste of all kinds. Rely on us to effectively deal with them!

expert carpet beetle exterminators near you

Carpet Beetle Treatment

Carpet Beetle infestations are known to be one of the most destructive in a short period of time. It is important to take the necessary actions as quickly as you can before any serious irreversible damage has been done. The larvae of the insects feed on silk, leather, fur, cotton, upholstery, clothing and other animal-based and organic products.

moth control experts near you

Moth Control

Moths are one of the less harmful pests when it comes to the damage they can cause. Clothes moths are harmless in their adult stage. During their larval phase, however, they can damage upholstery, clothes, carpets and more. On the other hand, pantry moths have great interest in the dry food around your house. Their diet mainly consists of sugary foods and starchy.

local expert flea extermination

Flea Treatment

If you’ve ever dealt with fleas, you may know how difficult it can be to get rid of them. This is mainly due to the hard to kill flea eggs that nest around the house – they quickly hatch on and the infestation continues. Our comprehensive and professional flea treatment can successfully expel them.


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