A Complete Bathroom Renovation in Liverpool

Client Requirements

We were contacted by a customer in regards to a professional bathroom renovation in Liverpool. They shared with us that they had a bad experience with another company which made him realize that they were not a good fit for the idea they had for their new bathroom and wanted to discuss his vision with professionals that would help him transform his bathroom to look as close as they imagine it. Luckily, this is what we specialise in. Working towards each one of our client’s visions, making sure that we bring them the results they are looking for.


Over the phone we understood that this will be a big project that requires a lot of attention to detail and careful planning. Because of that we immediately scheduled a survey that cost £25. During the inspection we had a great look at the area and talked through every important detail of the job, making sure that we fully understand what the client is going for. The preparation for the service is amongst the most important step of every more complex service. Planning everything from the design to the materials requires a decent amount of experience to have great end results. So we took our time and once we had everything cleared out scheduled a date for us to begin.
bathroom design in Liverpool

Getting The Job Done

We knew that it will take a decent amount of time to finish this bathroom renovation project in LIverpool so we had a team of two take care of the job itself. During the preparation, we created a slick design that matched the needs of the client perfectly and also had an idea about what materials we were going to need. The service began with cleaning the mess which was left by the previous company. After we had it cleaned we started to form up the foundation for the new bathroom. The client wanted both a shower and a bath, but also to have privacy in the shower. They asked us to make the separation modern and original and not just use the typical glass screens. The local bathroom fitters in Liverpool managed to use the big space that the bathroom offered and create a bath and a shower with a slick design that creates an illusion of a separate room. We also installed a double sink and in just 3 weeks we created their dream bathroom.
expert bathroom renovation in Liverpool

Client Feedback

The cost of the service was £15,000 labour and materials on top, which is not a lot of a project like this one & they were more than happy with the end results. We love to give a chance to every each one of our clients to participate in the design and choose the materials and be involved in the whole process. This is ultimately why our service is always on point, bringing great end results. Each of our clients also receives a 3-month guarantee for any leaks or possible issues. We trust our expertise and know that our fitting process is amongst the best. We’re willing to bet on it and ensure that the customer is comfortable with making their choice and trusting us.

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