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Circumstances & Client Requirements

A client contacted us in regards to a full bathroom refurbishment and renovation. They had a very clear and different idea about the new look they were going for. They really wanted to spend a little extra and ensure that we used only quality materials and took our time to design it according to their vision. In order to ensure that we do our best work for the local client, we scheduled a survey for £25 where we were introduced to the details of the design they were going for.
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How We Prepared

The survey really makes all the difference and allows us to prepare for the bathroom renovation adequately with all the necessary materials. We need to carefully select them in order to capture the vision of the client and ensure that they are 100% satisfied with the end results. The local bathroom fitters in Manchester have professional equipment and tools that guarantee solid renovation no matter the requirements. Honestly, the service we had to prepare for was both exciting and challenging for our team as the client wanted something different than the usual bathroom renovation services we are used to. This was not a problem at all for us!
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Our Job

During the survey, we had enough time to discuss the exact look the client was going for and plan each day carefully so that we can get the job done effectively but still in a reasonable timeframe. We started with getting rid of the old bathroom and slowly getting to the modern feel of the new bathroom. The bathroom renovation in Manchester began with leveling the walls and the floors so that the team have a great foundation to work on and get the tiling right. The client really wanted to capture the luxurious look and feel it as soon as you walk into the bathroom. Because of that, we had an area that was similar to a sauna and carefully worked on the lighting in the room and the storage area, making them different and slick. The whole project took our team about two weeks and the cost of the service was £12,000 labour and materials were on top.
professional bathroom renovation in Manchester

Client Feedback

The client was extremely happy with the end results. He was initially concerned about the whole project as it was really different than the usual bathroom renovations and was a bit more expensive. At the end of the day, they really enjoyed how the new bathroom turned out and loved the modern look they were going for. The local experts were satisfied with the work they’ve done and excited that they managed to successfully complete a challenging task.

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