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Client Requirements

A customer from Wigan called for a quote on replacing a damaged side panel of her bathtub. She sent us a couple of pictures, so we can assess the situation and give her an initial quote.

Damaged bathtub side panel

How We Prepare

The client already had sourced a new side panel, however, we noticed that the silicone hydro isolation was damaged. That posed some risks of water damage underneath the bathtub.

It was time for the Wigan bathroom fitting team to get to work.

Damaged silicone hydro isolation

How We Perform It

We sent a team of two handyman in Wigan. They accessed the situation and started with replacing the damaged hydroisolation. Once the old silicone was removed, a fresh layer was placed.

Afterwards, the handyman proceed with removing the damaged side panel of the bathtub. Once the panel was removed the handyman inspected the construction underneath and the walls for any water damage.

Everything seemed well, so they were ready to install the new side panel for the bathtub and finish the job. The whole service cost our client £250.

Freshly applied silicone hydro isolation
Damaged bathtub side panel removed

Client Feedback

The client was impressed with the craftmanship of the pros and how quickly they were able to execute the service. She was ready to enjoy her bathtub once more.

Bathtub in Wigan fixed

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