Boiler Box iNSTALLATION in Manchester

Client Requirements

A client reached out to ask about a boiler box. He recently installed a new boiler but the plumbing and electrical were left without a cover. This completely ruins the aesthetics of the room and can’t be left like that.

Usually, we perform boiler boxing alongside the boiler installation. In this case we did not install the boiler, but apparently the client did not want the same company to continue the job for whatever reason.

We were happy to help out and cover the ugly copper pipes and cables.

Hide the plumbing of a boiler.

How We Prepare

As usual, we needed a couple of images to get an initial estimate of the situation.

After we saw the pictures and got a scope of the job we sent one of our Manchester handymen to take some measurements, so we can estimate the materials needed for the job.

Ugly plumbing and electrical visible under boiler.

How We Perform It

The service was performed in three stages.

The first stage was to actually build the boiler box and prime it for paint and tiling. As the bottom part of the box was inline with the splashback, we had to tile that portion, to get a perfect fit!

After the box was primed and installed it was time to source the same tiles and start matching the pattern.

The last step was to paint the top portion of the boiler box, so it matches the wall. At the end you couldn’t tell that the box is a freshly installed and painted section, it completely matched the rest of the kitchen.

Making a boiler box in Manchester
Freshly tiled bottom section of a boiler box

Client Feedback

The client was happy with the end result! Especially with the tiled section of the boiler box, because the handyman managed to match the pattern and there were no signs that the section was tiled years after the splashback! He promised to give us a call first, next time he needs a boiler installed, or anything else done to his property.

Finished boiler box in Manchester

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