Bush pruning and gaden maintenance

Client Requirements

A regular customer from Wigan had problems with their bushes.

There was a circular bush in front of the client’s house that needed to get back in shape. The surrounding bushes also needed some pruning.

Bush overgrown and out of shape

How We Prepare

As usual, we asked the client for a couple of pictures, so we can prepare for the service and give an initial quotation.

The overgrowth was not that bad and it was not going to take a lot of time for the wigan gardening professionals to take care of it.

Bush out of shape

How We Perform It

After the Wigan gardening team arrived they set all the equipment, took a quick look around the circular bush and started with the service.

One of the gardeners started to prune the higher bush with the help of a ladder. The tricky part was to keep the shape while moving all around the bush with the ladder.

Afterwards, the pros quickly pruned the lower bushes, as well. That was straightforward and an easy task for a well-prepared pro.

After 30 minutes all the pruning was done and the bushes had the perfect shape.

The client asked for a quick lawn mowing, to finish the look of the garden.

Nicely pruned and shaped bush
Finished pruning of bushes in Wigan

Client Feedback

The client was happy with the finished project. The garden had a well-maintained look and it only took about 40 minutes for the pros to finish it all.

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