Ceiling repairing in Wigan

Client Requirements

We have a client that regularly benefits from our handyman services in Wigan, as he is the owner of a rental property there. From time to time the tenants will need some small fixes done for them and the client is almost trusting us to execute those fixes for him.

This time the repairs needed were a bit bigger. There was some damage to the ceiling on the ground. Our first assumption was that there is a leak from the first floor but we needed to go and find it.

After a further inspection we found the source of the leak, a broken old pipe from the upstairs bath. We had to address this issue, before fixing the ceiling downstairs.

ceiling repair in Wigan

How We Prepare

The handymen made a list of all the things they will need to fix both of the issues. For the leak upstairs they needed a short piece of pipe (as it was located underneath the bath) and a couple of fittings. For the whole, in the ceiling of the ground floor, they needed a wooden plank and some Artex plaster.

ceiling repair in Wigan

How We Perform It

After the leak on the first floor was fixed the handyman cleared the wet plaster from the ceiling of the ground floor. They also removed the damaged wood and let everything dry, before fixing the whole.

On the next day, they boarded the opening and proceeded with applying the plaster. The client was keen on keeping the old look of the ceiling so they had to use Artex plaster and go for the same pattern as before. After the new plaster dried the client was happy with the end result and it was like the whole was never there.

It took the team several visits to finish the job because of those drying periods. It ended up costing the client £150 to fix the leak upstairs and £450 for the ceiling.

ceiling hole before repair

Client Feedback

The client was happy that the handyman managed to keep the look of the ceiling the same and that the issue was resolved as soon as possible.

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