Dishwasher installation in Manchester

Client Requirements

A customer called to ask about a dishwasher installation in Manchester. The plumbing needed to be sorted out and the power supply as well. Also, the new dishwasher wont fit in the cupboard so a section of had to be removed.

We asked for a couple of pictured and advised the customer that we can do the job!

How We Prepare

Before we start with the installation we had to figure out the power supply and the plumbing for the dishwasher. The place that the client chose for it was between the oven and the sink, which was actually great! We removed the oven to inspect the power supply there and see how we can connect the dishwasher, as well.

Preparing for dishwasher installation

How We Perform It

After we figured out the power for the appliance we had to plumb it. The kitchen sink was right on the other side and we inspected that option first. It turned out that the washing machine is also plumbed there, which was not an isusue. We ran the dishwasher plumbing through the kitchen sink’s drain, as well.

Next thing on the list was making enough space under the worktop for the dishwasher. In order to achieve that the manchester handyman had to remove a cupboard. This posed no problems, of course, and the dishwasher was in place in no time.

The whole process took a team of two guys roughly two hours and cost our customer £185 .


Dishwasher plumbing under the sink
Dishwasher in place, with the cupboard removed.

Client Feedback

The client was verry happy with the end result. We saved him time and effort and he didn’t had to source different electricians, plumbers and carpenters. A single handyman team did it all!

Finished dishwasher installation in Manchester

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