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Client Requirements

One of our regular customers in Bolton contacted us in regards to furniture assembly service. They bought a new table that was quite heavy and required special attention and some experience. Our team has a vast knowledge of assembling all kinds of furniture, following the instructions and ensuring that no damage is being caused to the parts.


We’ve built trust over time with the local client. Because of this, they knew that we were going to provide them with exceptional service. As we were familiar with the client as well we didn’t schedule a survey. Instead, we talked through all the important details over the phone. We had a great understanding of what the situation is and what type of table we’ll be assembling. We knew that it wouldn’t take much time so we scheduled the service for the next day.
furniture assembly bolton

How We Did It

On the next day, our team arrived fully equipped and ready to get the table ready to use. By inspecting it we were able to see why it may have been a little tough to assemble by someone who lacks the experience.

It was surprisingly heavy and a little bit unusual to assemble. That being said, the local furniture assembly expert in Bolton jumped straight into the job.

We knew that the customer invested in an expensive table so we made sure that we did no damage to the item. In no more than 30 minutes to an hour to fully understand and get the table assembled.

The team positioned the table according to the client’s vision and ensured that there the place is left clean with no waste at all. The final cost of the service was £130.


Quick, reliable & exceptionally tailored service. This is what we offer and this is what our clients are happy for. The customer was once again surprised by the swift service with perfect results.

The local Bolton furniture assemblers can help you with putting together all kinds of furniture from tables, chairs, and sofas to beds, wardrobes, shelves, and more! Get in touch with us and get your brand new furniture assembled in no time – we know how it’s done!

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