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Client Requirements

Every year when the holidays are right around the corner we start taking more enquiries for assembly jobs. At first, we thought nothing of it.

However, each year we receive more requests. It turns out that a lot of people like to upgrade their homes while making a kind gesture towards their loved ones. It is a form of pre-gift if you will.

This way you don’t need to spend Christmas eve with a hammer and screwdriver in your hands, trying to figure out how to assemble your present.

How We Prepare

Each year we make sure that we have availability to perform a lot of furniture assembly jobs in all the areas we serve. We also make sure that all the tools’ batteries are well charged and we load up on some spare screws and woodworking glue.

Some of the handymen are well familiar with specific items. One of our guys assembled the same kind of bunk bed three times in single week. He can basically do it with one hand by this point! 

How We Perform It

This year children beds was one of the furniture items we assembled more often. Here is a gallery with a few of our projects that put smiles on the faces of some kids. Not to mention it presented them with a comfortable snuggle place to rest while waiting for Santa.

Of course we didn’t assembled only children beds. A lovely family decided to gift themlselves bigger, more comfortable bed.

Like this 180 x 200 mattress bed with a tufted bedframe and headboard.

Can’t go wrong with that Christmas present! Your back will also be thankful!

Number two on the most requested items for assembly this year was the makeup vanity table. A lot of mothers and daughters now have a place to keep all of their makeup products and a well-lit mirror in front of them to make themselves even more beautiful.

An honourable mention was this foosball table. It even gave one of our handymen the idea of ordering one for his son, as well. That is definitely a present that will make them both happy, and he will finally have an excuse for ordering one. It’s a win-win!

We also assembled this lovely wine cabinet for a happy mother of two. She finally has a suitable place to keep those gift wine bottles and her favourite set of wine glasses.

There could even be some place for daddys’ scotch somewhere in there… Well, maybe not on display, but still!

Client Feedback

All of the customers were super happy that we were able to perform the assembly jobs swiftly and on short notice. We even had to keep a couple of them secret, performing the assembly while the kids were playing in another room.

If you find a piece of furniture that you would want to gift to yourself or a family member, don’t hesitate to give our Liverpool handyman a call. They will happily oblige and act like Santa’s little helpers. 😉

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