Furniture Assembly in Oldham – Assembly of Bung Bed

Client Requirements

A customer called in regards to furniture assembly in Oldham. Apparently, they’ve bought a new bung bed for his kid, which seemed a little difficult to assemble due to its size and form. And this is true, depending on the bed itself it can be quite difficult to assemble it on your own, especially if you lack proper equipment and experience. This is why they reached out to us in order to get the bed assembled in no time and have their kid enjoying his new space to play and have fun.


In order to prepare adequately, we discussed all important details surrounding the service. The client showed us the exact model of the bed so we knew the size, parts, and roughly what it actually takes to assemble it. This really gave us a clear idea of what equipment will be needed and roughly how much time it would take. As it was urgent for the client we scheduled the service for the next day.

How We Did It

On the next day, our team of two furniture assembly experts in Oldham arrived equipped with all the necessary tools, and without wasting any time started to inspect the bed parts and plan out the assembly process.

Step by step the experts started putting together the bunk bed. It really required some knowledge and experience in order to get it right in a decent timeframe as it had several components that are not very simple to put together, especially if lacking certain tools.
furniture assembly in oldham
The job took around 3 hours and the price of the service was £185 labour. After the bed was assembled we positioned it in the room according to the clients’ vision. The kid was super excited about his new bed that totally transformed his room.


The client was satisfied with the end results, especially when he saw how happy his kid was with his new bed. We managed to save him some time and effort and provide him with a swift service & perfect results. If you’re looking for a professional furniture assembly service in Oldham – get in touch with the Two Lions & book your service today!

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