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A customer contacted us through My Builder looking for a professional gardening service in Preston. They’ve recently bought a property in the area and had to clean up the garden.

As it was not maintained for a long time – there was a lot of work to be done. This is why they decided to book a team of two local experts to get the job done.
clearance of a garden in Preston


Over the phone the client shared that he tried to do the work on his own, however, he gave up because it was going to be extremely tiring and time-consuming.

Besides garden clearance in Preston, they wanted additional gardening services, but we decided to initially stick to the clearance, and once it is cleared make a plan on how to improve the green space and work on it.
overgrown garden clearance in Preston

How We Did It

We scheduled an appropriate date and time for our team and the client. On the day of the service, the local gardening experts in Preston arrived fully equipped with the necessary tools to clear the garden in no time. The size of the area was not big at all, but indeed the grass was really overgrown so there was plenty of work to get done. In about 2 to 3 hours we had the grass cut down and also collected for the skip to dispose of it. the cost of the service was £110 labour.

Furthermore, we got them a new quote for another job as they wanted to develop their garden and create one really enjoyable green space – to dig down the lay membrane and put bark – which was booked for the next month.
Preston garden clearance
professional garden clearance in Preston


The client was happy with the end results and surprised by how quick we managed to transform the look of their garden. We use specialised equipment that allows us to work not only hard but smart.

If you’re looking for an expert gardening service – look no further than the Two Lions gardening experts in Preston. No matter what gardening job you need to get rid of – our experts will do it for you with finesse! Contact us today!
expert gardening services in Preston

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