Garden Clearance in Preston

Client Requirements

A customer called us looking for quick and effective garden clearance in Preston. Over the phone, we were already familiar with the task at hand. An overgrown garden, a relatively small one, that needed a decent clearance. This is a job that we are greatly familiar with and know how to handle the job with ease.

How We Prepare

We scheduled an appointment with the client and decided that a team of two will be the best and most efficient to take care of the work ahead. The local gardeners in Preston have great experience in all different types of gardening services. The clearance of an overgrown garden is no exception. The experts have the skills & equipment to bring you the results you’re looking for!
local overgrown garden clearance

Getting The Job Done

On the next day, the gardeners arrived at the scheduled time and without wasting any time, jumped straight into the job. The garden itself was even smaller than our team initially thought it was, which drastically decreased the time that was needed for the whole service. We have also sent one of our most experienced gardeners from Wigan.

Within only an hour the local gardening team in Preston managed to bring perfect results and meet the client’s expectations to the fullest. The garden was ready for the kids to play in no time. We took care of the waste as well, even though it was not a huge amount in the first place. The labour was a £60 fixed price.

local garden clearance experts preston


In the end, the client and his kids were satisfied with the work we’ve done for them. We love how it doesn’t take much effort for us to put a smile on the face of our customers. Perfection is what we aim to bring to the table. You can rely on us to help you with almost any task – not only gardening! Contact us today & schedule your professional property maintenance service!

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