Garden Clearance

Client Requirements

A woman contacted us to request garden clearance services as she was having trouble keeping up with her gardening.

Specifically, the front lawn alongside the pathway and driveway required attention, and the garden behind the house needed mowing and extra care.

Backyard of need of gardening clearance

How We Prepare

As a standard practice, we always request our customers to provide a few images so that we can provide more accurate quotes and estimates for our services.

Upon reviewing the images, we noticed that our gardening team would need to navigate carefully around the flowers and selectively remove only the overgrown vegetation.

Additionally, there were a couple of young trees that required pruning, some tall shrubs that needed removal, and other tasks.

Nevertheless, our experienced gardeners were more than capable of handling the job.

However, we anticipated that there would be a significant amount of green waste generated that would need to be removed from the property.

Therefore, we arranged for a larger vehicle and proper bags to ensure effective collection and disposal of the green waste.

Overgrown weeds in the flowerbeds
Overgrown pathway needs garden clearance

How We Perform It

The Bolton gardening team began by mowing the lawn and removing any plants and weeds that obstructed movement. This cleared up the area and made it easier for the team to work.

Next, the team pruned the trees and shrubs that were to be kept and cleared the flowerbeds in preparation for planting. With these tasks complete, the back garden was in good shape.

Moving to the front of the house, there was a significant amount of dried grass and dirt on the driveway. The team raked away the vegetation and used a leaf blower to remove the dirt, revealing the white pebbles on the driveway. Although not perfect, the state of the driveway would continue to improve over time.

The pathway leading to the house also needed attention, as it was almost entirely covered in vegetation. The team removed everything, making the pathway visible and usable once again.

Finally, the team loaded the green waste, collected during the garden clearance, onto the van, alongside their equipment, and completed the project!

Garden clearance in progress
Driveway cleaning and clearing of overgrown vegetation

Client Feedback

The client was super happy with the end result! She shared she didn’t expect this much of a difference. Especially for the price of only £280! She was also glad to be able to use the pathway once more.

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