Professional Overgrown Garden Clearance in Trafford

Customer Requirements

A customer in Manchester called us asking for a professional gardening service in Trafford area. And more specifically detailed garden maintenance around a care home. They advised us that it has not been cleared for a while now and there is a lot to be taken care of. From weeding to pruning and mowing – our team knew what to expect and perform the service at the highest quality possible.

Our Preparation

As we’ve been in the gardening industry for a long time now, we are equipped with modern equipment that offers the highest quality results within a reasonable timeframe. We scheduled the earliest date possible for the gardening experts in Trafford and the client, as they wanted the job to be taken care of as soon as possible.

The garden maintenance

The gardening team of two arrived at the appointed date and time and without wasting any time jumped straight into the job itself. The garden around the care home needed tidying up in many areas. So the team split up to be the most effective they can be. The gardening experts in Trafford started with weeding and then applied weed killer. After they had the garden free of weeds they proceeded with mowing and pruning the area around the home. In about 2 hours the job was almost complete. The local gardeners performed a final clean-up of the area to collect the green waste and take care of its disposal. The job’s final cost was £330 labour and three jumbo bags full of waste – £45 for each bag.
professional garden clearance in Trafford

Client Feedback

The client was amazed by how quickly we were able to complete the tidying and transform the exterior of the home. They did find the final price absolutely reasonable as we cover the disposal of the green waste as well. The local gardeners in Trafford were happy to help rejuvenate the area and provide the customer with 100% hassle-free service. If you’re looking for a professional gardening service in Manchester area – contact us today and book your garden transformation!

removing weeds in trafford

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