Garden Clearance in Warrington

Client Requirements

A customer called us in regards to professional garden clearance in Warrington, which they’ve been neglecting for a lot of time to the point that it has gotten out of hand. Of course, this was not scary for us at all. Our local gardening maintenance experts have experience in turning the wildest jungle into a peaceful green paradise.


Over the phone, our team gathered all necessary information in order to adequately prepare for the service and ensure the best possible end results. As a team that is booked for all kinds of professional gardening services in Warrington, you can be sure that we have all the equipment and tools we need at our disposal.

After we had a detailed description of the job at hand, we already had the service planned and the tools ready! The client wanted to schedule the first available time so they can have the garden transformed as soon as possible.

Getting The Job Done

We did schedule an appointment for the next day, as the client requested, and arrived on time to jump straight into the job. As we were well informed about the task at hand over the phone, we had a team of 3 (including one of our best Manchester gardeners), ready for work. By sending a relatively big team, the experts had the opportunity to better distribute their manpower and get to the end of the garden clearance quicker and more efficiently. In around 2 and a half hours the garden was in great condition. So great that the client decided to have us over every month for monthly maintenance of his green space.

The good thing about consistent garden maintenance is that it does not come costly at all. It usually takes less than an hour when you have the experience and the tools and brings great joy when you know that your garden is nice and tidy all the time. There is almost nothing as calming as a clean green paradise. The total cost of the service was £375. £150 for the labour and £225 for the green waste which was 5 big jumbo bags. Furthermore, the regular visits for our client were for the total amount of £52.

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Client Feedback

The client was surprised at how easy it looked to have everything cleaned in a matter of hours. Of course, this is because of our team of 3 gardening experts in Warrington. Needless to say, the customer enjoyed the service and the end results. In the next few months, they were happy to welcome the local gardener who visited every month for the regular clearance for just £52. The client shared with us that such investment really did benefit the exterior of his property and the overall energy around the house!

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