Handyman filling a hole inside an apartment in Manchester

Client Requirements

A landlord contacted us looking for a handyman in Manchester for an odd job. Apparently, they had a plumbing issue which they managed to fix. However, because of the plumbing service, there were holes left that had to be covered. The local handyman is extremely skilled and experienced so we knew that such a job will be easily handled by the professional.


We scheduled a survey in order to examine the area and plan out how to prepare accordingly. Similar jobs require expertise in different fields. Two Lions’ handymen have experience in plumbing and have filled similar holes because of an extensive plumbing service. Because of that during the initial visit we were able to plan out how to take care of the holes and ensure that the best possible solution will be presented to the client. We scheduled the earliest appropriate date for our client.
handyman filling a hole

How We Did It

On the scheduled date and time the handyman arrived ready to get into work. The optimal solution for the holes required us to perform the service in 2 visits. On the first visit, the handyman in Manchester focused primarily on filling the holes. Within a couple of hours, he managed to fill the holes perfectly and restore the initial look of the surface, which was crucial for the customer. The next step was to paint it. But before that, we left it to dry out and scheduled the second visit for the next day. On the second day, the surface was all dry and ready to be painted. Within an hour or two the handyman was able to paint the surface and get it in a perfect condition. It was important for the pro to get the client’s approval and ensure that the results are matching the client’s vision. In about 5 hours in total and two visits, the handyman got the work done, bringing perfect results. The cost of the service was £180 labour and the materials were on top.
expert hole filling in Manchester
professional handyman in manchester filling a hole in an apartment


At first, the client was worried about the condition of the wall after that plumbing service. Luckily, the local handyman was able to fill the holes perfectly in a matter of no time. The client was extremely happy with the end results. If you have an odd job around the house that requires professional attention – do not hesitate to contact us. The expert handymen on our team know the ins and outs of any odd job you can think of from electricity, building, and roofing to furniture installation, window repair, and more! Get in touch with us today!
expert hole filling in manchester

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