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Client Requirements

A client called in, searching for local professional handyman services in Bolton. As we had experts in the area, we were more than happy to offer our services to the customer. The client wanted two odd jobs to be taken care of. Fitting of a few light sheds and one large mirror. Over the phone, we managed to gather the necessary information in order to properly prepare for the service itself.

How We Prepare

The job was definitely not rocket science, nor it required huge manpower – and we knew that initially. This is why we decided to send just one technician, which was more than enough to get the job done while keeping the quality of our work at 100%. The local handyman in Bolton had great previous experience with similar odd jobs so he knew exactly what he needed to do and the equipment needed for the task at hand.

Getting The Job Done

On the scheduled date of the appointment, the Bolton’s handyman arrived on time, fully equipped & ready to jump straight into the job. As the work was pretty straightforward – the expert began with fitting the light sheds. He quickly managed to fit all 4 of them. The installation of the large mirror, however, took a little bit more time to be fitted perfectly.

It can be tricky to meet the clients’ requirements and ensure the placement is on point and exactly how the customer expects it to be. Within no more than an hour and a half, all 4 of the light sheds were fitted and the mirror was perfectly installed according to the clients’ vision.


The client was pleasantly surprised with the whole procedure and especially how quickly the handyman managed to handle all the work. At Two Lions we love our job for this main reason – client satisfaction! It is crucial for us to have each and every one of our clients happy with the end results and everything in between! You can rely on us to help you with any odd job around the house and not only! Contact us today!

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