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Client Requirements

A resident of Wigan had a bed bug treatment performed by another company. Unfortunately, the service did not eradicate the pests. He wanted to have his property heat treated, but they were not able to perform the service in an apartment.

Therefore he called us for a quote. We have experience treating hotel rooms and all sizes of apartments, so to us, it’s not an issue!

Heat treatment equipment set in a bedroom

How We Prepare

We quoted the customer £1900 for heat treating his entire apartment against bed bugs and included a chemical treatment afterwards to guarantee great results!

Heat treating a property is expensive, but it is the best way to get rid of bed bugs. Those critters are highly resistant to other types of treatments. Usually the spray treatment gets rid of adults, but if there are any eggs left behind, they will soon hatch and re-infest the property.

The heat treatment takes care of all the stages of bed bugs. Eggs, nymphs and adults!

Heat treating equipment

How We Perform It

After the client accepted our quote, the Wigan pest control team was ready to load up the heat treatment equipment and go to perform the service.

The service includes an initial spray of the property with special chemicals to make the treatment more effective. The team specifically targets areas where bed bugs could potentially hide.

Afterwards the covers of the mattress and cushions are bagged and left in the room with the heater. The windows are closed and all the items that could be damaged are carried out. Plants and pets can’t stay inside. Now the heat treatment can begin.

During the treatment the temperature is constantly monitored, there is no risk of damage.

Heat treating the bed frame and mattress against bed bugs
Temperature control during heat treatment for bed bugs

Client Feedback

The customer was happy to finally find someone willing and able to heat treat his apartment. He was relieved to sleep in his bed without bed bugs lurking around.

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