Hedge Trimming in Liverpool

Client Requirements

A returning customer called us in regards to expert hedge trimming in Liverpool. Apparently, they didn’t have time and the right tools to take care of the trimming themselves, so we were more than happy to assist with quick garden maintenance! As they wanted the service to take place as soon as possible.

How We Prepare

The gardening experts in Liverpool had tons of similar jobs before, so they knew exactly what equipment they needed and the techniques they’d use in order to have the whole procedure go smoothly. Our local team had a few free hours on the next day so we scheduled the service for the convenience of our client!
liverpool hedge trimming experts

Getting The Job Done

At the appointed time, we arrived ready for work. We decided to send a team of two local experts so we can finish the job as quickly and efficiently as possible and proceed with the other booked jobs for the day. We were fully equipped with all the necessary In a matter of one hour, our garden maintenance experts in Liverpool trimmed the hedges perfectly, shaping them according to the clients’ needs. Usually, such jobs take a little longer, however, we were familiar with our client’s garden and a team of two was enough to handle the job with ease. The service as a whole cost £150 labour and waste. This is amongst the best prices for such a service, especially where the disposal of the green waste is included in the final price.
professional hedge trimming in wallasey


The client was once again extremely happy with the end results of our work and how swift we managed to take care of the hedge trimming. Our professional garden maintenance in Liverpool has never gone wrong! The local experts know what your garden needs and have great experience in capturing each client’s individual vision for their green space. Count on Two Lions 11 to get the job done!

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