Integrated dishwasher installation in liverpool

Client Requirements

A customer called and requested an integrated dishwasher to be installed in the kitchen of his new property.

He already had the cupboards fitted and there was a specific section left out for the dishwasher.

Hide the plumbing of a boiler.

How We Prepare

First we asked the client for a couple of images of the spot, where the dishwasher had to be installed.

We also needed to check the plumbing of the kitchen sink that was nearby, so we could plan our approach and the materials needed.

After we had an idea for the scope of the job we quoted the customer £185 for labour and additional £45 for the materials and fittings we needed.

Ugly plumbing and electrical visible under boiler.

How We Perform It

The client agreed with the price and it was time to get the job done.

We sent a team of two handymen in Liverpool to execute the integrated dishwasher installation. They bought all the fittings and materials needed and went to the address.

The first thing that needed to be done was to plumb freshwater to the dishwasher. The pros used the fittings they bought and some pipes to get that part of the job done.

The second thing was figuring out the power for the dishwasher. A power socket was installed in the kitchen sink cupboard.

Now the only thing left was to place the dishwasher in its new spot and attach the front panel.

The whole process took the team less than two hours.

Making a boiler box in Manchester
Freshly tiled bottom section of a boiler box

Client Feedback

The client was happy with the quality of work and the timeframe in which the team managed to execute the service.

Finished boiler box in Manchester

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