Ivy Removal Prescot

Client Requirements

We received a call from a Prescot customer for whom we regularly perform gardening jobs, including the removal of some ivy from the front of her house.

This time, she called us about an ivy plant that was growing between her house and her neighbor’s, covering one of her windows and reaching the gutters.

Both she and her neighbor were concerned about potential water damage to both houses if the plant was not removed in a timely manner.

How We Prepare

We were already aware of the height of the property and had selected the appropriate ladders for the job. However, we still needed a couple of images from the client to get a better idea of the scope of work required.

After reviewing the images, we provided the client with an initial quote and loaded our equipment into the van. We were now ready to go and perform the service.

How We Perform It

The team faced some challenges as one of the properties had brick walls while the ones on the other house were covered in stucco.

Ivy can sometimes grow underneath the stucco if it finds a crack somewhere, and in this case, the plant has started to dig deeper between both houses.

It had even caused damage to our client’s window frame.

As a result, the team had to be extra careful while removing the plant to avoid causing further damage.

Fortunately, the guttering was not unscathed, so there were no risks of water damage.

The local gardening professionals successfully removed the ivy, packed it in green waste bags, and loaded it up for removal.

The entire process took an hour and cost £380.

Client Feedback

The client had previously benefited from our services and was again happy with the delivery. She even booked a couple of gardening services for next week.

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